Butter'd By Ofori

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The Adinkra symbols are a unique representation of cultural expressions, concepts, values and traditional mythology of the Akan of Ghana and Gyaman of the Ivory Coast. The Adinkra symbols represent popular proverbs and maxims, record historical events, express particular attitudes or behavior related to depicted figures, or concepts uniquely related to abstract shapes. It is one of several traditional cloths produced in the region. There are more than 200 Adinkra symbols and meanings to each one of them. - Ghanaianmuseum.com The following are 4 of the countless symbols that relate to the Butter’d By Ofori Health & Beauty products.


This symbol means the supremacy and the might of God. Butter’d By Ofori will not be possible without God’s blessings and guidance. Throughout the Butter’d journey – from conceptualization to creation, to product testing and launch, God has been in the centre of it all. He has been the foundation of this brand from which all the ideas, perseverance and strength came from.


The name of this symbol precisely translates to “Return to get it”. The Akans believed in the past serving as a guide to plan for the future. Butter’d by Ofori aims to utilize the knowledge our ancestors generated by using ingredients that they have sworn by for generations, like the Shea Butter. It has been a staple in African culture for skin and hair care, and is now widely-used in the cosmetic industry worldwide.


Quality control is crucial and highly regarded in every step of the creation of Butter’d products – from choosing and sourcing high quality ingredients, to the preciseness of measurement of the ingredients used, down to the painstaking care put into packaging. That is what this symbol represents.


This is the symbol of beauty, hygiene and feminine quality. Traditionally, these qualities have been more expected of the woman, however, we all enjoy a partner, man or woman, who puts emphasis on overall care. The goal of the Butter’d by Ofori brand is to promote cleanliness, good hygiene and selfcare in everyone who comes across the product.